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About AlexSung.NYC

By: Alex Sung on: August 09, 2023


It is my pleasure to welcome you to White Tiger Unlimited. We are a portfolio company, currently a one-man operation, that stacks productivity and self-wellness content & products or services. In the future, White Tiger will be a force in the area of self-wellness and productivity, specifically focused on helping Highly Sensitive People or people with severe limiting beliefs. 

Having dealt with crippling amounts of social anxiety and depression myself, I want to allow others to harness their strengths and grow into their talents much quicker than I was able to. By doing so, I plan on cultivating a strong network of likeminded people that all are on the same path. 

Welcome to White Tiger Portfolio

By: Alex Sung on: August 09, 2023


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Sensei Alex Sung

A Biohacker & lifehacker extraordinaire, Alex Sung is passionate about driving upward growth to your business and life. He developed White Tiger Unlimited Inc to destroy boundaries for millions of lives. Develop the White Tiger spirit that was shackled for years by pushing back when life gives pushback.   Read more

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